Accessing Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a collaboration tool designed specifically for teams working together and sharing resources.

  • To access SharePoint first login to your Hardwick Scouts email at
  • After logging in you will see the following screen:
  • Your screen will now look similar (but not the same yet) to the screenshot below:
  • Using the search box in the top left search for “Cubs” or your section / site name
  • Under “Sites” there should be an option for Cubs. Click this.
  • You should now see the page shown above. Calendar events will appear on the right of the screen along with Quick Links below it. To access resources / documents click “Documents” in either the panel on the left or right.
  • From the documents section you can upload / download any resources you require. To upload files, navigate to the required folder and then click “Upload” from the top panel. You can create new folders & documents from the “New” menu.

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