We have 3 sections, Beaver Scouts 6-8 years, Cub Scouts 8-10.5 years and Scouts 10.5-14 years all of which who have great leaders always wanting to help and make they’re evening more interesting and adventurous for the scouts. All of our sections provide adventure in some way Scouts being the most adventurous due to age but Beavers and Cubs still take part in great activities such as the Gilwell Park Fun Day. All our sections vary activities on a regular basis so they will have a real variety of both badge work and fun and games.


We currently have 13 adult and 3 youth volunteers who provide fun and spend a lot of their own time preparing and running activities every week. We also have many regular adult helpers who regularly support the group whether its just for half an hour or for a week camping it all helps to provide fun and adventurous activities for all. We are still short of leaders or volunteers in some sections so giving up just a small amount of your time will help us greatly.

For more information on volunteering please contact the Group Scout Leader using our contact form

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