Access Shared Mailbox Calendars

Accessing Shared Mailbox Calendars Through O365 Online

▪ Login to Office 365 and navigate Outlook
▪ In the bottom left of the screen open the Calendar


▪ Once the calendar has opened, look in the left side panel for “Add Calendar”

▪ After clicking Import, a box will appear. Scroll down until you see “From Directory” and click this.


▪ Enter the email address of your shared calendar e.g. “”

▪ A blue box should now show over your calendar, if it doesn’t check the email address of your calendar.▪ Click the blue “Add” button.
▪ In the left side panel, scroll down until you see “People’s Calendars”.
▪ Your calendar should now be listed.
▪ If you would like to hide the calendar at any point click the blue tick next to the calendar name.
▪ To show it again, click the white circle next to the calendar.

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